Movement principles of the fast-spinning bodies
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Lubomir Vlcek
2014-05-04 10:00:14 UTC
Movement principles of the fast-spinning bodies
Lubomir Vlcek
Rokytov 132, 086 01, Slovak Republic
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Abstract. In this article are the 5 tables for calculating the average translational velocities of all milisecond pulsars and others fast spinning bodies and shift the center of gravity due to the rotation. Corrections theory ideal spining circle for real bodies. Extreme values for neutron stars. Summary values for neutron stars. A new perspective on neutronization and nuclear fusion. Consent theory with the real Universe.
Keywords: stars: kinematics, pulsars: general, stellar dynamics, , stars: neutron,
PACS number: 97.60.Gb, 97.60.Jd,

The origin of millisecond pulsars is still unknown. The leading theory is that they begin life as longer period pulsars but are spun up or "recycled" through accretion. For this reason, millisecond pulsars are sometimes called recycled pulsars. The standard evolutionary model fails to explain the evolution of all millisecond pulsars, especially young millisecond pulsars with relatively high magnetic fields . Different millisecond pulsars must form by at least two distinct processes.[30]But the nature of the other process remains a mystery.[31] The proposed views are in the end of this manuscript.
In article:
Hobbs G., Lorimer D.R., Lyne A.G., Kramer M. : A statistical study of 233 pulsar proper motions, MNRAS July 1, 2005 vol. 360 no. 3 974-992
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